Success means starting at the very beginning – which for EPS means research. We offer online and face-to-face surveys as well as running effective focus groups and detailed RADAR analysis. Marketing budgets are precious whatever the economic climate and making informed descisions about where to concentrate your marketing efforts is vital.

We understand that bad information is worse than no information so we take the time to craft well-designed, engaging surveys that involve the respondent and ensure high quality, useful data at the end of it.

What we offer

Online surveys – our methodology is simple, we:

  • carefully select the right audience and use the right incentives
  • ask the right questions and direct customers depending on their answers
  • then intellengently analyse the results.

We are at the very cutting edge of online research and have experience across a wide range of sectors, from concept testing, marketing evaluations and customer service.

Focus groups – tightly run focus groups can bring a wealth of rich data that will inform any project or product. From group selection through to skilled moderation and analysis, we can make your focus groups run smoothly and ensure that what you do is more than fit for market.

We follow the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.