Design and illustration


Our designers have extensive experience of the educational publishing market and a deep understanding of what excites children's learning. Our creation of instructional pages, appropriate age-related texts, websites and multimedia games is instinctive and enables designs to be right on the mark from the beginning of a project.

Whether designing for teachers or children, print, web or multimedia we are confident that we will create content that will set you above the competition.

Our marketing designers have a proven track record in direct, off the page and digital marketing and an unrivaled experience of your target audience.

The right imagery can make or break a project and it isn't just children who crave to work with beautiful things. Our objective is to make sure that all of the imagery that we use always enhances learning.


Our illustrators all have their own style but also have a canny ability to match chosen illustration styles with ease. They are quick, accurate and, like a lot of illustrators, work late into the night to meet deadlines.

Picture research

The value of fast and accurate picture research cannot be underestimated. Getting the right images will take any project to the next level and accurate photo and illustration searches will save valuable time.

Our picture research team have all worked for educational publishers and understand the nuances of what the education market requires. Like our design team, their experience and contacts mean that their ability to take a brief and run with it makes the whole process painless.